Helping companies reclaim their success and health

In more than three decades of non-stop work in executive roles, I have been able to help companies in tech, engineering and other specific areas get out of financial or leadership crisis. I bring straightforwardness, fast adaptation, as well as versatility – a legacy of my decathlonist past – with me to each project. I have reached great success and enjoyed the fruits of my labor, as well as learned to accept both setbacks and defeat. Combined, they drive me to push forward and make constant improvements for the next challenge!


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Provisional take-over of a business to help avoid the worst possible scenarios, start the recovery process, boost operations and management, build an environment of trust, and keep the company going until merging successfully with a new strategic partner.

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Corporate management and control

Long-term top management for companies in various fields. Due diligence, as well as managing companies in various investment processes for venture capitalists and investment funds. 

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Joining an enterprise as an impartial, objective and unbiased expert to complete a temporary transition, bridge a gap, or successfully finish a particular project. Assistance and management in business development (e.g. for startups).

About me

Crisis management, as with many things in life, sort of happened to me. I did not plan on it, but two or three projects in, I found myself fully engaged in this field of work! Multidisciplinarity and multitasking have been my reality for 10 years as a professional decathlete, and I believe there are many parallels to be found between sports and business. Dynamic and somewhat challenging circumstances allow me to focus, act and bring the most value to the table.


Part of my resilience comes from my ancestors having worked in heavy industries such as forest mining. They were hard-working people who also knew how to enjoy life. I see myself in them whenever I come into a new company. When facing hardships, I just roll up my sleeves and get to work.


These days, my life is much more about slowing down to relax and enjoy the moment than when I was younger. Seeing the world from the top of a mountain near my hometown, Litvínov, gives me a tremendous amount of perspective. I make sure I hike weekly, as well as spend time with my family and devote myself to sports and other forms of maintaining my mental and physical health.